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The "Sam" Turntable Pack

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The perfect higher-level vinyl pack... according to co-owner Sam. This is what he says about this package.


When sound quality is at a premium, and you are chasing that 5% extra magic that you know is hidden in your records - but you don't want to break the bank.

I've put this pack together prioritising quality, versatility and durability while still being price conscious. This is a quality audiophile style setup that will blow you away - for a fraction of what some other hifi situations will do to your wallet.

The Turntable - Audio Technica's LP120xUSB

Audio Technica's direct drive messiah. Adjustable tone-arm, anti skate control, quality headshell and stylus construction - with 33 1/3, 45 and 78 RPM capabilities along with a fully adjustable speed control (Anyone up for DJ-ing?). The quality construction and sound reproduction and large STOP/START button has made this Bendigo Vinyl's in store go to for spinning tunes. Comes in at much less coin than some of the fancier competitors - but stands toe to toe with them. 

The Speakers - Edifier Airpulse A100

Designed by renowned speaker creator Phil Jones from the ground up - the A100's are the hifi hi-res black beauties you can listen to for hours. A 5 inch driver gives you low-end for days, while the luxurious ribbon tweeters produce crystal clear high end, to give your vinyl that extra sparkle. They come wrapped in high quality MDF materials and boast bluetooth connectivity and a frequency response from 52hz-40khz (About 20khz higher than the human ear can perceive).